19 May 2007

Inherited Wind... muleboy303

because an idea is more holy than all the shouted hosannas and hallelujahs combined

... and the fact that after the Boomers, the "Greatest Generation", and all of their predecessors,
WIND may be all there is left.

Remember, not all consequences are un-intended.

so in the spirit of Kilpatrick/Alexander, Buckley/Vidal,
Buchanan/Kinsley, Hitchens/Anyone, Mencken/Everyone etc...

i hereby establish Inherited Wind with commentary enabled for those capable of and inclined toward dialectic argument. i've many questions, a few answers, and a lot of ideas. and i suspect y'all do as well.

let us see what we can learn from each other.

stephen hurley smith

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muleboy303 said...

celebrating "free speech"... while it lasts

Anonymous said...

"wind" indeed!