21 May 2007

Jimmy Carter has a problem

Jimmy Carter has a problem telling the truth.... his problem is that he tells the truth.

Whether it be about Israel or Bush, the fact is that there are some things you shouldn't say because you are YOU. (no matter how true or accurate, the assertions are received as self-serving more than illuminating)

I suspect we'll see alot more of these kinds of statements in the future from another failed President named George. (and won't that be IRONIC ? he'll finally start telling the truth when it no longer matters what he says) but in the meantime GW43 is making a habit of using the word "sober" in public pronouncements every week or so. Not a good idea.


muleboy303 said...

yet another example of how the quickest way to set the dogs to barking in the beltway press is to say something completely true.

as U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Richard Jones and GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul have recently discovered.

Anonymous said...

poor Jimmuh, history has not been kind to him.

he's been out-lusted by Bill Clinton and out-Baptist'd by George W.