25 January 2009

manimal clever too

man is an animal. a most clever one, but still an animal. one astutely capable of recognizing patterns and making use of that knowledge for good or ill (however they may be defined). but perhaps more importantly, capable of recognizing that he does not understand something, which makes him insecure. thus, he forms a conjecture for comfort. to fabricate a pattern, an explanation, that allows him to function more effectively, less afraid.
the most difficult hurdle for an adult human being to overcome is to learn to embrace the insecurity, to incorporate it into a method of living, and still function in proper balance between the interests of self and all others. - shs 25jan2009

man, the cleverest animal
but an animal nonetheless
able to recognize patterns
to form an "educated" guess

yet, when no pattern is certain
and no means by which to be sure
he forms a conjecture for comfort
lest he remain insecure

the conjecture allows him to function
the tool, compartmentalized denial
buying time for cross-examination
while all of humanity's on trial

thus persevering to endeavor
despite what the evidence is showing
to overcome the most difficult hurdle
to live well without ever really knowing

the individual is the world in microcosm
compelled to share what it is to be thee
i spend my life searching for patterns
that others do not or will not see

stephenhsmith 25Jan2009

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